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LWIF EP36: What a Japanese River Park is Like

Ok, not every Japanese park is like this, but you can definitely find these river parks throughout Tokyo. Even though name on the sign for the park says river park, it’s more like a stream park. The video actually starts off by showing you what a park found underneath a bridge or elevated train tracks looks like. Since space is limited, you’ll often find little playgrounds under such structures. The vast majority of parks I’ve encountered in Japan come standard with a water fountain, water tap, and bathroom facilities. So, if you find yourself in Japan and are in need…

LWIF X EP4: What is an Average Japanese Apartment Like?

So, what IS an average Japanese apartment like? My daughter and I created a video tour of our apartment and I was surprised at the number of comments saying that the place was big (thrown in with a mix of contradictory comments saying it was small). What sparked my interest in creating a response video was this comment: Was I misleading the world? Is my family living it up and I didn’t even realize it? After a few days of thinking and a few hours of research, I’ve come to the conclusion that while we are very, very, well of in…

EP 19: Summer Fireworks in Japan

Fireworks are very popular in Japan, and nearly every one of Tokyo’s 23 wards launches them during the weekends in the summer. Access by car would not be possible for most venues, so most people arrive by train, bike, or foot. 

LWIF EP12: Visiting Tokyo’s Izu Islands

Hello World! Did you know that Tokyo has islands? Yes, the prefecture (province/state) of Tokyo has a volcanic chain of islands called the Izu Seven Islands group. We stayed at Shikinejima (Shikine-jima), which is a small island 3 km long by 2.5 km wide that is located 160 km south of the city of Tokyo. To get there, we took an overnight ferry, where we slept on a carpeted floor.