LWIF EP33: How a Japanese Family Sushi Restaurant Gets You to Buy, Buy, Buy!

The kids loving going to this family kaiten sushi restaurant where you can order using an iPad and win gacha gacha prizes.

The video was originally titled “A Fun Japanese Family Restaurant”, but the name changed for reasons you’ll discover by watching the video 🙂

I know people will ask, so the place we went to is called Kura Sushi. It’s a chain restaurant that has many locations (we went to a Tokyo location), and if you go their site, you can see all the different locations and menu items.

What’s a fun family restaurant like where you’re from?

2 comments on LWIF EP33: How a Japanese Family Sushi Restaurant Gets You to Buy, Buy, Buy!

  • Lê Ngọc Thùy Linh

    Those sushies look sooo good, you are so cute Aiko. Love Love Love my adorable little Tamago.

  • Soledad Aubry

    Hello, I’m try to figure out where in Tokyo you ate at kura sushi. I’m trying to understand the website and the location. But it’s taken me a bit. Can you help me please.

    Ps love your you tube channel! Love the 2 on disability in Japan. I’m a special need teacher in Alaska, so videos like that are relatable to some of my students. To see other countries and how they can travel if they want.

    Thank you

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