Posts Written OnJune 2016

LWIF EP42: 私のラーメン屋 (My Ramen Shop)

On a visit to YouTube Space Tokyo, we were shown the set for the ramen shop. The kids thought it was neat, so we gathered up some family members and the kids made a mini-drama (ドラマ) out of it. It was all for fun, so don’t take the acting too seriously 🙂 (behind-the-scenes footage down below!)

LWIF EP41: Hakone: Where you ride in, look at, and soak in a lot of stuff

Hakone is a beautiful mountain region about an hour’s train ride out of Tokyo Station. The great views of Mt. Fuji it offers up, it’s ample hot springs, it’s scenic nature, and it’s close distance make it a popular getaway for those living in Tokyo. If you’re a transportation buff, then you’ll assuredly enjoy visiting Hakone, as you can experience riding on a: Mountain climbing train Mountain climbing cable car (funicular) Ropeway (gondola) Ship Bus You can get a Free Pass (which is not free) that lets you travel on all the transportation methods above. Also, if you’re going to…

LWIF X EP10: Commuting in Tokyo

Despite living in Tokyo for 3 years, I’ve been lucky enough to not have to do a daily commute, as I mainly work from home. I’ve decided to try and level up my Japanese from horrible to bad, so now I get to experience the morning commute on my way to school. Here’s what my commute by train and subway in Tokyo is like.

LWIF X EP9: Can I Make A Living Producing Videos Again?

In the last videos, I talked about why I started the LWIF channel and what it was like to go viral and be “famous” (it’s in quotes for a good reason). This one is probably the most nerve-racking video I’ve ever released. I’m letting people see my inner dialogue for the past half year, and asking them to weigh in on my future.

Tips for Shooting Your Home

Hey guys! Thank you so much for your interest in submitting a video to us. We’ve had people from all over the world get in touch! I know it can be intimidating to shoot your own video. I’ve shot hundreds of videos and still screw up, am unhappy with the results, and am unsure of what to do. Some have asked about what to shoot or how to go about doing it, so here are a few tips on how shoot a video showing off your living room (as seen in our request video here). After you read these tips…

LWIF EP39: Your Videos + New X Channel – Update v1.0

We want your videos! What kind of videos? Videos of your living room. We had previously asked for your videos in general, but found it difficult to make a video out of comments, pictures, and videos that had no central theme. So, we’re going to try and ask for a very specific video, which is a video of your living room. How to submit? Contact us and we’ll go from there. We don’t know how many submissions, and from which countries, so we’d hate for you to record something and then have us not use it. So if you let…