LWIF EP39: Your Videos + New X Channel – Update v1.0

We want your videos!

What kind of videos? Videos of your living room. We had previously asked for your videos in general, but found it difficult to make a video out of comments, pictures, and videos that had no central theme. So, we’re going to try and ask for a very specific video, which is a video of your living room.

How to submit?

Contact us and we’ll go from there. We don’t know how many submissions, and from which countries, so we’d hate for you to record something and then have us not use it. So if you let us know you’re interested, we’ll email you back and let you know if we could use your footage or not. Thanks!

There’s a new X Channel!

Yeah, Daddy (the cameraman) now has a channel. It’s basically the adult version of the LWIF channel. It also has some behind-the-scenes look into making videos. The content should mostly be kid friendly, but it’s stuff that kids would probably find boring.

We got a new home!

Many already figured this out, but I guess we should confirm that yes, we do have a new home.

What video should we edit next?

Use the YouTube poll in the info icon of the video to choose between a ryokan hotel (traditional Japanese hot spring hotel), our visit to Hakone where we’re up in the mountains and take countless modes of transport (including an old mountain train, gondola, and pirate ship), or when Shin goes hiking with Strawberry Mochi in Kamakura.