Posts Written OnFebruary 2019

LWIF EP123: Making Hoshi-imo at a Japanese Sweet Potato Factory

We visit Namegata’s Farmer’s Village in Ibaraki to make dried sweet potatoes (hoshi-imo) in a school that was converted into a working sweet potato factory as well as a museum. Thanks to Ibaraki TV who invited us and sponsored our visit. To learn more about Ibaraki, please visit: Kanko Ibaraki Ibakira TV What’s a Farmer’s Village like where you’re from?

LWIF EP122: Why Foreigners Have Difficulty Renting in Japan

In a recent survey by the Japanese Ministry of Justice, it was found that 4 out of 10 foreign residents in Japan have been refused tenancy because they were a foreigner. In this video, we explore why it’s so hard for foreigners to rent in Japan. Special Thanks! David Chart¬† Erica Kyde & Eric John Daub Kanagawa Housing Support Center for Foreigners (they have very helpful renting in Japan guides you can download) Taka from Tokyo Best Realtors Sources: Japan Ministry of Justice Foreign Residents Survey 2016 Leopalace 21…