The YouTube channel Life Where I’m From started in 2015. The channel was created by Canadian Greg Lam, who currently lives in Tokyo, Japan with his Japanese wife and equally Japanese and Canadian children. Life Where I’m From gives interesting and educational insight into the everyday, special events and uniquely Japanese aspects of life in Japan. The hope is through sharing these videos, what someone once thought was weird or strange can be viewed as normal, fascinating, or exciting. The channel is called Life Where I’m From because the plan was to show what life is like around the world. So far I’ve been failing at that, but I hope to remedy it in the future.

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  • Hanna Domjan

    Hi Aiko,
    My name is Hanna (Yukiko) Domjan, nice to talk to you. I am from Australia and we are make some video about life in Australia, Sydney. You can see my video, this is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bdrtJjCOic
    Hopefully you and family could enjoying it and if you don’t mind we can featuring video together too. Thank you. Arigato:)

    • unneededcommentator

      This is totally off topic but the girl on the left kind of looks like Sana from Twice! O:

  • Khloe T

    Hi, my name is Khloe and I live in the US in Virginia. I love your videos and want to visit Japan

  • Blaise Mibeck

    This is a great website ! We love learning about Japan and the world. We live in North Dakota, US and these are photos from a trip we took to Watford City, ND. The Irish music is perfoirmed by group of musicians I play with in Grand Forks, ND.

  • jessica tjoe

    Hi aiko-chan i am indonesian but my ojiisan is from china so that makes my family chinese indonesian. I live in tangerang near the capital of jakarta. I am the 3rd generation(generasi ketiga). Otosan and okasan really work hard so i can continue school in binanusantara international school. I have some tomodachi from korea and altough i am chinese indonesian i stink/suck/hate learning mandarin. I love anime and sewing i am learning japanese because i want to go to japan and learn harajuku fashion. Some of my tomodachi love anime too, and i have a best friend who is in another class and well if that yume ever come true i will see you i speak english too you see selamat.

  • Victoria Earley

    Hello Aiko! My name is Victoria Earley (sounds like’early’), I am 16 years old, and I live in Kentucky, U.S.A. Where I live there isn’t much to do. I hope to visit Japan some day, I have been studying Japanese for about a year and a half now, so I know a little, but I plan on going to college to study or study abroad in Japan! I love your videos! I think you and Shin are so cute, and I think you two are so funny! My favorite video was the one where you made pizza! I love hearing you and Shin speak Japanese! Thank you for making videos, they always keep a smile on my face! Bye!~

  • Kentaro

    Hi my name is kentaro I’m half Japanese and i really love your videos Aiko and shintaro they are funny and cute don’t stop doing this great videos.

    • Kentaro

      By the way how old is Aiko and shintaro and are they half Japanese or what? Please reply me I’m big fan.

      • lifewhereimfrom (author)

        Hi Kentaro,

        I replied on one of your other comments, but the answer for anyone seeing this is that Aiko and Shin are 9 and 7 and they are half Japanese and half Canadian. All the best!

        • Jagar Harvey

          how did you put in your instagram page where it shows you are a Blogger

      • Wilchamar Reserve

        Konnichiwa! My name is Wilchamar Reserve. I wonder what it’s like at Universal Studios Japan. Could you make a video about it please?

  • Priscilla Garcia

    Hello Aiko! My name is Priscilla but my friends call me Yuuki. I really love your videos and how it shows the culture of Japan like traditions or some of the basics of living in Japan. My dream is to visit Tokyo, Japan in 2 years from now and learn more about the Japanese culture. Im fascinated by the amount of vending machines there are and the harajuku style. My goal is to minor in Japanese so I can be able to speak the language fluently. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to meet you!

  • Angela

    Hello, I am Angela. I’m from the Philippines. Your videos are really awesome! They’re very informative and fun to watch. Aiko and Shin are wonderful. I wish to at least have a long vacation in Japan someday or maybe even work there…how much does it cost to live a fairly simple life in Tokyo? Like live in those one room apartments (like Umaru-chan and her onii-chan’s place) I heard it’s quite difficult to save money when you’re living in Japan… Arigatou Gozaimasu!

    • lifewhereimfrom (author)

      How much does it cost to live? I think it really depends on your lifestyle, what area you live in, and family size. I’m sure some people could make it on $1,000USD a month, while people like me (with a family), can’t only cover rent with that amount of money. For the one room apartment, I think you can get some for about $500USD a month, again, depending on where you want it to be. Difficult to save money? It depends on your revenue and expenses. I find it easier to save money here than when I was in Canada, but my expenses are less over here. I find there are a lot of interesting things to do for free in Tokyo. The only costly thing about going out is public transportation. If you go without a car (like we do), even though it may seem expensive to travel by train/bus, it’s still much cheaper than owning a car.

  • Mayako

    Hi, I’m also half Canadian and half Japanese but I’ve only lived in Japan for 3 years. Good to know someone who’s just like me! Nice videos πŸ™‚

  • λ°•μˆ˜μ§€

    Hello Aiko, I am from Korea. Even though majority of the Koreans say Japanese people are bad and mean, I think they are stupid. Whenever people living in Korea make a video respecting Japanese culture, they are swearing all the time and I think they are stupid.

  • Hiro

    Hi my name is Hiro, I’m half-Japanese and live in Queenstown, New Zealand. My Mum is Japanese and my Dad is Kiwi. I’m 20 years old, currently working as a builder and live at home with my Mum, Dad and older Sister. My older Brother also lives in town too. I only just stumbled upon your Youtube channel and website but really love it as I enjoy watching videos about peoples’ lives particularly in Japan as I want to live there someday too! I went to Japan for a holiday last year in Spring and loved it! I will definitely go back again, maybe in this coming Summer who knows. I have been studying Japanese by myself seriously since a year and a half ago but am making slow progress! In my spare time, when I can’t be bothered with studying Japanese that is, I like to play guitar. I have a youtube channel that features alot of videos of myself playing guitar so feel free to watch them if you like. I also have a video of my holiday in Japan I mentioned! Anyway, there’s a few things about my life. Feel free to ask me anything! γ‚γ‚ŠγŒγ¨γ†γ”γ–γ„γΎγ™οΌ

  • Nasir

    Hello Aiko,I am Nasir,From India,Hope you are fine,what about Shin,daddy and mummy?I love your videos,you are presenting things so nicely,I don’t have words to describe it!!! Well, I will be in Japan next month for an internship.I am eagerly waiting to visit your country and experience your culture πŸ™‚

  • Alexis

    Hello, Aiko and family! I’m Alexis, a 21 year old full time college student studying computer science. My picture features me and my cat, Ki’tar, during Christmas (notice you can see some of my Christmas tree behind us.) Anyways, I reside in the United states, I live within the state called New Jersey, I’m very close to two major cities one being New York city! It’s currently very cold here and we have a lot of snow. I wanted to say I love watching your videos, they’re always super funny, cute, and insightful! I really enjoy hearing about everyone’s different cultures from all over, I’m hoping to get my own videos started to show others from all over how we live in the United States- or at least how me and maybe a few friends live. It probably sounds boring, but what is grocery shopping or just shopping in general like in Japan? Do you guys have super markets? I feel like in Japan they aren’t as big as the ones in the U.S. Do you guys buy the same three main ingredients like us too? (bread, milk, eggs) Does Aiko and Shin have favorite snacks they often make their parents buy for them? Aside from candy πŸ˜›

  • Anamika

    Hi Aiko and family:)^_^.I’m Anamika,11 yrs old from Philippines.Im half Indian half Filipino.its fun in Aklan because there’s many trees,many mountain,and clean river.Its so fun in clean river,We swim in the clean river,My cousins and I jump and play in the clean river.Im having fun with my family.I love the culture and beautiful places in Philippines.Its fun in Philippines!!!

  • KC

    Hi there baby Aiko! I’m KC from Philippines. I have a japanese step father and 2 siblings both half Japanese and half Pilipino. I really love the culture in Japan. Well I start to like Japan when I watch anime and read manga. I really want to experince to live and to study in Japan. I am also planning to work in Japan. I also love the food in Japan. Like the takoyaki, hiroshima style okonomiyaki, ramen and many more.

    When my mom posted your video on facebook (the video was about you eating breakfast) I start to like you because you’re really adorable and cute and I like the way you speak in english. And by that I start to follow your channel on youtube and watch all of your video!

    And by the way I have Japanese class in my school and I’m so in love with that subject because I learned some Japanese language and to write hiragana! I really enjoyed my Japaneae class.

    Hope you will post kore vid about living in Japan! I learned a lot from your past video. Doumo arigatou guzaimasu!

    • KC


  • Shelby Cordell

    Hello, my name is Shelby. I live in Texas, United States. Me and my husband want to move to Japan, do you have any advice? I’m going to make a YouTube video of our daily lives if you want to see it. ?

  • Marsella Metta Arvia

    Hi Aiko! Im marsella from indonesia,i really love your videos but i have a request of video for you.Could you please make a video of Aiko morning routine before school ? Oh yeah i forgot,i live in jakarta and im 11 years old.I want to go to Japan soon.Im a big fan of yours and i really want you to be my sister,lol :D.Please make more videos.In indonesia life is really hard,lots of bad peoples here and so much trash around the street.I like japan because it was clean.But the good thing about indonesia is,the beaches and seas its really beautiful.Please visit Indonesia Aiko im waiting for videos you make here

    • lifewhereimfrom (author)

      Hi Marsella! I think your idea about the morning routine video is cool. Sometimes there’s bad people in the streets or in my school. And sometimes there’s trash around the streets too. There’s a place in Japan called Okinawa and the sea is really clean and really beautiful. If you look down you can through to the bottom. – Aiko (transcribed by the Dad)

      • Bernyce

        Hi Aiko! I’m from Singapore. I went to Hokkaido this year and I can’t wait to visit Tokyo next year. I thought that Japan was really clean, not like how you described it with trash everywhere. Is that how it’s like in Tokyo? And yes Okinawa is really nice.

  • AngΓ¨le

    Hi ! I like your YouTube Channel very much. I am from France and I am interested in discovering how people live elsewhere. I live in a small town of France in ArdΓ¨che, and we have a lot of yummy food and beautiful places ! thank you for your videos, bye πŸ™‚

  • Ece

    Hello Aiko and her family! My name is Ece and I’m from Turkey. I randomly clicked one of your videos and I really loved the idea of seeing Japan in the perspective of a kid. Me and my sister would like to make a video like this. You inspired us indeed. It seems so much fun. I wanna visit Japan one day. Thanks for beautiful videos. Take care πŸ™‚

  • Andini

    Hello Aiko, my name is Andini I live in Indonesia but my uncle is japanese, he is the one who told me to watch your chanel and i was amazed by everything that you show. Can i request in the next episode please let shin sing a japanese song with you ? I just wanna hear you guys sing :)) When i saw your father, why am i feelin like he look like Dylan O’ Brien ? Just sayin
    I’m waiting for the sing !

  • Sammy - Jo

    Hello! My name is Sammy-Jo and I am from South Africa, I have always loved showing people what South Africa is like and learning about other countries and cultures. I also recently got the guts to make my own YouTube Videos. I am moving to Japan in March and hope that I can experience all the amazing things that you have shown me so far! Thank you for the great videos, can’t wait to see more πŸ™‚

  • Ryan Mooty

    My name is Ryan, I’m 16 from Scotland, United Kingdom. I love watching your videos their funny, entertaining and full of joy. I hope to move to Japan one day, and watching your videos makes me want to move even more πŸ™‚

  • Mohammed Jawad Hussain

    Hi.. Aiko. I am Jawad… from Hyderabad, India and living in Qatar. Your videos are awesome and interesting. After seeing your videos I like to visit Japan and explore or like be employed there. Qatar is very small country. I am bored in Qatar, living here since my birth. You can have a visit to Qatar. I will share some pics by me, below. When I visit Japan, I like to meet you all.

  • Silvia

    Hi I’m Silvia and I am from italy(Palermo)! I’m 25, i am a student and a freelance photographer! i really love your idea! Especially the food videos. I would love to visit japan, it’s a kind of dream… anyway I love the little two kids!
    Please continue to share your video <3

  • hisham

    Hi aiko how are you i miss you much and i love this YouTube movies also i love japan I’m hisham and I am from dutch netherland but i want visit in the japan but nice meet with you

  • Sara Megumi

    Hello! My name is SaraMegumi. I am 17 years old and I am half Japanese, half Slovak. I used to live in Japan and watching your videos makes me really happy because all those memories which I have from Japan are coming out and I am also discovering new things and information which I did not know. Big thank you for making all these videos! (You should make some in Japanese too…)

  • Giulia & Sofia

    Hi Aiko, Shin, Greg & Mommy!
    We are Giulia (7) & Sofia (5) from Greece. We are half Italian, half English (and a bit Greek…) We love watching your videos about life in Japan and we want to make a video about our life here to show you what our life is like in Greece – but it might take us a bit longer because we don’t know very much about making videos!! For now you can see us on our blog themarvellousjourney.

  • Maya

    Hello Aiko, Shin, and Dad (and Mom as well πŸ˜€ )
    My name is Asmae Maya. I’m from Morocco. I have just discovered your channel a few days ago and I have seen all you videos (and can’t wait to see more) β™₯ I would like to ask you some questions (hope you don’t mind πŸ˜€ ): I would like to know whether kids in Japan play with kids next doors or this is not common is Japan? If yes, do you have friends in your neighborhood with whom you play? Are kids allowed to play with other kids in the streets or they must either be escorted by their parents or play in clubs (kinda sports etc)?

    thank you β™₯?β™₯

    • Nic

      Hello, in Japan kids are very independent. And the country is very safe. This documentary about this subject is very interesting πŸ™‚

  • Lei Anne Carliza Black

    Hello Life Where I’m From,

    Your channel was recommended to me. I was fascinated by the breakfast. It reminded me of my childhood. I’m a Filipino Chinese. I have a 15 year old daughter who is Irish-Italian Jamaican Filipino.

    My breakfast during my childhood consisted of rice, Vienna sausages, sweet corn, bacon, soft boiled eggs, buttered toast, a mug full of Milo or Horlicks and fruits (oranges, banana, strawberry, apple, grape, jackfruit, kiwi, starfruit, rambutan, or watermelon). When I visit my Filipino family, the usual breakfast can either consist of sardines and rice (My father grew up in a fishing village. That’s all his mother knows how to cook – fish) or rice with galonggong (salted fish) garnished with tomatoes and cilantro / rice with tocino {bacon} or longanesa {sausage} accompanied with pandesal, sinigang na manok or hipon {Chicken/Shrimp Tamarind soup} (My mother’s family were very wealthy farm land owners) Now that I’m in America, my breakfast usually consists of oatmeal or turkey sausages with eggs in a sandwich.

    My daughter loves Japanese culture. She wished she had some Japanese heritage like her cousins. I’ve been trying to learn Japanese since I was a child, but never got a chance to practice it with someone. Anyway, I have pictures I attached during my trip to Japan during my younger years. I’m sharing all Asian cultures and traditions to my little one so she knows not to offend. No sticking chopsticks into bowl, Aiko! (hee, hee)

  • Sofia

    Hi Aiko and family!

    I am Chinese and married to a Mexican American, and we enjoy traveling around the world together. We are expecting to have our child next year so it is great to see you and your channel to learn about, from a child’s perspective, how to live in a multicultural environment. Keep up the good work!


  • Zaya

    Hi Aiko and her family me and my son love your blog and videos ???
    Me and my son Felix we are living in Salzburg austria. I am from Mongolia live since 2003 in Austria my son is born here he is half Turkish and half mongolian .Soon we are going to live in my homeland Mongolia we are excited finding our new home job shool culture etc…
    I hope we can share our daily life in mongolia when we are there .

  • Jimmy

    Hi Aiko and family,
    Both of my daughters Finley and Jolie love watching your videos. Finley was pretty excited getting to show where we are from Indiana, USA. We are just starting but should have more as time goes by. Thank you for creating such fun and informative videos!

  • Kathy

    Hi Aiko & family,

    I’m Kathy, a Malaysian Chinese that working and living in Kuwait. Just found about your videos and website today, I found them very informative and interesting! Well done and can’t wait for more up coming videos

    Cheers & Hugs

  • CrypticCereal

    Hi Aiko and Greg. I’m from Ireland and a half-Scottish 11 year old. I love your videos and I have a YouTube myself, where I post videos of cute things. First video up! My user is what I am using for this. All the best from Leinster. ^ – ^

  • Simon

    こんいけは Aiko and your family. I’m an 18 year old student and live in Germany (Bavaria). Until about half a year ago, i wasn’t really interested in Japan, but this completely changed. After watching countless anime series with english subtitles i thought: “Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to understand them without the subtitles?”, thus i searched on the internet for a good way to learn Japanese during my free time. I heard a lot good about a phone app so i started using it to teach myself the language. The first chapter is learning Hiragana which took me quite some time and reading them still takes some time as i’m not used to these characters. If i didn’t had time to revise the few words i’ve learnt so far (about 130) for a few days, reading takes way longer for the first ~15 minutes, because only while studying japanese i see these characters.
    From that goal to be able to understand (at least parts) of japanese animes, i developed the whish, being able to speak japanese fluently (more or less) on a very basic level and also visiting japan one day when i have the money for it.
    From time to time i was watching videos on Youtube about japan (mainly it’s landscape) and today in the “suggested videos” section i found your video about japanese breakfast and i really liked it so i started watching the other videos and they are all great aswell. Keep doing them!
    As i said in the beginning, i’m living in Germany and from life there i would say you can compare it to yours in Canada, except for having other tradition etc. (Can’t tell you much here, sorry, but if you have any question about my life/germany feel free to ask)
    Before i start writing a book here, i’ll draw a line here to end it now, but there’s one thing left that has to be said:
    All the best to all of you in your life and especially to you, Aiko, and you brother: good luck in school πŸ™‚

  • Kim

    Hi aiko Im a guy form sweden. and im 13 years old. Im love japan, anime,. i like to watch your videos. my seas, rivers, is dont so much beautiful. for people in former times muddied it and it eh very war when / 1500-1800 years. but we have the beautiful hotel. the e very hot in the seams and the cold in winter. the e type as cold as in Canada at the end of January. but many people travel by car it will be different climate here right now it rain and storm felled a tree down. but in alle cases. I like to watch you, and so. haragato!

  • Odyssey


    Aiko, you are so adorable! I always look forward to your videos.
    Greg, you are doing a great job! I have seen your post on ‘before Life where I’m from,’ and I think that what you have been doing is commendable! I truly appreciate your videos for they are so informative and pleasant to watch. I am grateful and glad that I am learning so much because of your creative outlet! You are making a difference!

    My name is Odyssey, a native of the Philippines and currently residing in Montreal, Canada. I moved to Montreal 7 years ago to start a new life with my French-Canadian husband. My fondness of Japanese anime triggered my curiosity about Japan. Since then, I have been watching documentaries about it. I haven’t gone there yet but it’s on my bucket list! I watch your videos with my three-year-old son, Olivier, who seems to enjoy them especially the video about the bathroom! He has watched it thrice in a row! Since my son is half-Filipino and half-Canadian, I always make sure to impart some favorable Filipino values even if our life is in Canada. I have been teaching him common phrases and songs in my native language. He speaks English and French really well.

    In the Philippines, there are more than 100 languages and English is actually our second language. Where I live, French is the first language and so I had to take courses in French language in order to have a more meaningful integration in the society. I suppose I can relate to Greg so much when it comes to cultural adjustment and language learning. It is so interesting for me to infer about Aiko, Shin and even Greg’s experiences in assimilating combined heritage, upbringing and lifestyles.
    I feel very fortunate to have lived in a generation wherein any piece of information is within our grasp, some boundaries can be crossed and some gaps can be bridged.

    I haven’t returned to the Philippines yet, but it is sure on my list! I’ll take my son there and show him how Philippines is actually a melting pot of races, with its unique flora and fauna. It’s a country with such a colorful history, beautiful beaches and delectable food, where you meet hard-working, resilient and fun-loving Filipinos.
    SALAMAT! (Filipino word for Thank You)
    MERCI! (French word for Thank You)
    ARIGATO! No need to translate that hehe!

    More power to your channel and have a great family life!


  • かき

    I am a Chinese student, I am also in Japan, always on the Chinese website to see your video. But now I live in edogawa. This is a photo of Disney in Tokyo.

  • Nana

    Hey there, I’m Nana, a big fan of Life Where I’m From! I honestly love your videos :’) I really love Japan and the people so it’s awesome to see what’s it like in Japan from such a personal perspective. Keep up the great work!

    By the way, I blog over at arraday.com if you want to learn more about me. I also have a youtube channel where I’ll be uploading more pieces of my life! Here’s a travel vlog of my family trip to Southern Thailand πŸ™‚

    • lifewhereimfrom (author)

      Hey Nana,

      Really nice footage! I subbed to your channel, so looking forward to seeing more as you post. Hey, I think it would be cool to showcase some of your footage on the LWIF channel, so if you’re interested, just use the contact form and we can chat. Cheers, Greg!

  • Imogen

    Where I’m from be have no shopping centre and we have different toilet than Japan I go to school and a girl comes cleans our school for us I’m going to (Tokyo) Japan in October from my school and we are really excited to go

  • Shawn Aaron

    I have just watched your videos “Living Room Around The World” and your videos are so cool such as the design,edit and the camera lightning.
    I want to say something that I want to support you and keep making videos and don’t care about the hater that hated your videos so much.
    After watching your videos,I feel so excited to go Japan once I grown up.
    Keep it up and don’t give up and goodbye.

  • Anna Everts

    Hi! I’m Anna, I’m 19 and I’m from the Netherlands! Where I’m from we have 3 times more bikes than cars. We have chocolate sprinkles and other stuff you would normally put on a cupcake as bread spread. We don’t really have stores like Target/Wallmart where you have a lot of different products ranging from food to kitchen supplies. If we have a few days of warm weather it’s usually followed by at least one week of bad weather. And in general we love black liqourice!

    I really wanna visit Japan sometime! I’m currently studying Japanese in my spare time~ Keep up the good work with your channel!

    • lifewhereimfrom (author)

      Hi Anna,

      I looked up the bread on google and I think my brother would like how you put sprinkles on the bread because he likes sugary stuff. The black liqourice looks a little bit yummy. I hope you get to visit Japan!

      – Aiko

  • Ageng

    Hi! I’m Ageng. i’m 17 and i’m from Indonesia. i watched all of your video’s, and to be honest i loved it πŸ™‚ ! i like seeing you guys exploring japan’s culture, and seeking stuff’s that are interesting. and it blows my minds! because before i know LWIF, i only know a bit of japan stuff’s from anime and one of my friend that live in shibuya. and now i know half(or most) of their things! like for example the places to be visited, the food’s (and the ways to order it when eating outside :p), their bathroom haha (tbh, this one makes me want to try the closet), and the step’s on doing the onsen thingy and many more. haha and yeah.. i love japan!

    oh and btw i’m planning to go to japan next year on april . hopefully we can meet maybe ? hahahaha πŸ˜€ i currently learning japanese language now so hopefully i can speak fluently when i got there. to japan.

    Keep up the good work on posting more video’s~
    this is a photo of me in one of the gorgeous mountains in Indonesia, Bromo.

  • Dini Agumsari

    Hi Aiko!
    I’m Dini from Indonesia. I learned Japanese language since in high school. But now I forgot katakana, and memrise some hiragana. I really enjoy your video, keep up the good work! I wish someday, I hv opportunity to go to Japan. Ganbatte kudasai for aiko, shin, dad, also mysterious mom!

  • ZIZU

    Hi , my name is Zizu , and that is my little sister her name is Isra πŸ™‚ …. and we are frome Algeria.
    those two old photos are of me and my sister i found them in an old phone i think they are from 2009 ! , i wanted to share them with you cause i thought it’s funny how we looked like back then πŸ˜€ …. now i am 21 and Isra is 8 and that’s a photo of her birthday cack a few mothes back , we had alot of fun watching your videos and we love you , maybe one day we will visit Japan and meet you guys there
    ***** we wish you all the happiness in the world ******

  • Mx2


    I am from Canada. I am a kid who is 12 years old! How are you? I am good! I want to visit Japan because of your videos! Thank you for posting videos!

  • Arisu srithananchai

    Hi aiko ,shintaro ,you and you brother are very cute .I will go to Japan in January 2017. First time ,I travel in Japan. I watch you clip. I feel so good . I need to go tomorrow now, hahaha .I hope when I go to Japan, I see you and selfie camera together. See you next time byeee.

  • Arisu srithananchai

    When I see aiko.I want come back a child again.T

  • Bernyce

    Hi Aiko and Shin! I’m Bernyce and I’m from Singapore. I went to Hokkaido this year and going to Tokyo next year. I love your videos. Can you guys post more recently? Also, MY BROTHER WHO IS 8 IS JUST LIKE SHIN πŸ™‚

  • Marty Shurelov

    Hi Aiko and Shin! My name is Martin and I’m from Bulgaria. One day, when I clicked on Youtube, I saw one of your videos on my list of reccomended videos because I love to watch videos from Japan. When I saw your video I was like: “Wow! I think that kid on the thumbnail is my age!” and that’s why I clicked so excited on it. (The kid was Aiko. I am 11 years old.) I’ve watched the video without blinking. (I was SO excited.) When the video ended I subscribed to you because I liked a lot the video. Now, I watch you guys every day without missing a single video. Japan seems so beautiful. I really want to go and live in Japan. I want to ask Aiko: Is it really hard to learn Kanji? I want to learn the language because like I said I want to move in Japan. I really want to have brother and sister like you guys! I would be really happy if you answer me. Greetings from Bulgaria! πŸ™‚

  • Kavitha

    Hi Aiko and shin channnnnnnnnnn…….I am from India, Andhra Pradesh. I watched almost all ur videos…..all were so cool n fantastic, they turned out very well, especially thanks to ur paapa(dad)..who made u look so cool n cute…..anyways u r beautiful dear. Am from Hyderabad, which is in Andhra Pradesh and its always noisy city. I am really connected to abroad countries since childhood n after cing ur videos of Japan, now am really feeling n wishing that I could hv born thr in Japan….such a nice Country with so much discipline, neatness, much hardwork is there, u have unity in ur country, so its possible to keep n maintain that clean and systemized living….really much connected to Japan now…wishing to c more videos…..Love you Aiko and Shin…..Good Luck!!!!!

  • Joelle

    Hi Aiko-chan! (and Shin-kun and camera man-san ^^)

    I’m Joelle and I’m a Korean who was born and raised in America. Because my dad is in the Air Force, we lived in Japan for a bit. I was able to take Japanese for one year in high school, so, I was able to be exposed to the language and culture! I love the Japanese culture and hope to go back some day and live there for a bit. I always find your videos so interesting and funny to watch. They manage to brighten up my day! Hope to see more of them soon! γŒγ‚“γ°γ‚Œ~

  • Swapna

    I’m Swapna and I’m an American of Indian origin. I’ve previously lived in Singapore but I was predominantly raised in Chennai, India. I’m 17 and I will be returning to the US this year for college. I’m multilingual( fluent in English, Tamil and Hindi with a limited understanding of Malayalam-they’re all derived from different scripts). Don’t ever worry about your language proficiency, it’ll turn out just fine considering that you are being raised in a bilingual household. If you want I could make a video and dispel all of the myths about living in India. Take care guys.

    • lifewhereimfrom (author)

      Hi Swapna, thanks for the message. Wow, you know a lot of languages already! Sure, do make that video about India, that’d be interesting to watch!

  • Estelle

    Hello Aiko, Shin, Cameraman-san and behind-the-scenes-Mommy! I was born in France but I came to live here in Singapore three years ago. I am studying at the French International School. At first I was worried about not fitting in, but it feels like my school back in France. Many of my classmates and best friends are also international and culturally diverse. Can cameraman-san speak Chinese, or Scottish, or Spanish since it is in his blood? It would be a great thing if Aiko and Shin learn many languages because they can speak to many different people. I am also learning Chinese and Malay from my neighbors so I can talk to more Singaporeans.

    • lifewhereimfrom (author)

      Sorry, cameraman can only speak French, English, and Japanese. Wow, you’re learning a lot of languages yourself!

  • Albie halliwell Booth

    Hi my name is albie I’m 8 years old and I’m from Liverpool, England. It is wonderful but the weather isn’t that good. We’re going to Tokyo soon for a summer holiday. Hope to see you Xx

  • Albie halliwell Booth

    Hi my name is albie I’m 8 years old and I’m from Liverpool, England. It is wonderful but the weather isn’t that good. We’re going to Tokyo soon for a summer holiday. Hope to see you

  • Taniya

    Hello, Aiko, Shin, Greg and Mum!!!

    My name is Taniya and I’m a 27 year old high school teacher from India. I recently discovered your videos on YT and I cannot tell you how much joy they give me! They are so informative and fun to watch.
    Aiko, I love your cooking skills, and Shin, you’re awesome! You two look a lot like my cousins (who are of mixed parentage) and I keep getting reminded of them. My favorite author is Haruki Murakami and it’s fun for me to spot names of places in your videos which have been mentioned in Murakami’s books. Also, I’m trilingual trying to learn a fourth language and I know how hard languages can be so you guys are already doing a great job at your ages!
    I would like to thank you for your lovely videos and I hope to see more about Japan and your family! Till then, bye! Take care!

  • Nicole Blake

    Hi, Aiko! My name is Nicole and I have lived in the US my entire life. I am around your age and I love your channel and think that schools should even use it as a great way to learn about the rest of the world. Through your videos, I think one of the biggest differences between Japan and America is school. Here in middle school, the rules are a lot less strict, we have janitors who clean the classrooms, we do not have nearly as many supplies required (if so they are by choice not needed), and lastly, rules are nowhere near as strict, the main rules are common ones across the world such as a dress code, no bullying, no vandalism, no cell phones, etc. It appears as though Japan has a lot more. Hope I continue to learn a lot through your channel and eventually visit Japan. Thanks for being one of the best, fun geography teachers I have ever had.

  • Kristel

    Hi beautiful Family!
    I love how you (Aiko) are in to artistic things like artclass and music. I like artistic things very much. What subjects / classes does Shin like?
    Also, question for Dad: only if you want to tell this, Since it gives more private information. But I am curious to the middle names of Aiko and Shin. Curious to which western names you chose.
    And last: Do you go to Canada on holidays?

    I love to watch your videos. I did not know about your channel (Dad). So I will go there on youtube and subscribe to that channel too!
    Thank you for making this informative and fun videos! I love the Japanese culture!

    With kind regards,
    From the Netherlands.

  • Arul Selvan

    hello Aiko-san Greg san and shin kun!
    I’m Arul I’m 13 and from india
    i like your videos my first one was that Apartment tour thats was cool
    you are very fluent in a English and you guys are pretty awesome! your videos are good and fun to watch and i watching your recent videos and can’t wait for your next one
    hoe you will reply :v hahaha

  • Shristi neekhra

    Hi aiko, shin and grek. We are shifting to Tokyo and I’m so much excited! My father has already moved to Tokyo. He has finalised a house and furnishing is going on. We may move there after three months. I am also learning Japanese from YouTube. So I request you to make more videos showing Tokyo. Well I’m from India. i hope I spelt the father’s name correct

    • lifewhereimfrom (author)

      Hi, this is the father, Greg πŸ™‚ I hope you have a good move to Japan. Cheers!

  • Nora

    Hi all !
    Regards from Bulgaria! Me and my family are big fans of your videos!
    I want to ask-do japanese people eat bulgarian yogurt? Do you know something about Bulgaria?
    We want to visit Japan and will..some day πŸ˜‰

    • lifewhereimfrom (author)

      I don’t really know why Bulgarian yogurt is eaten in Japan, sorry. Actually no, we don’t know much about Bulgaria. What should we know?

      All the best!

  • Kylie

    Hello all!
    I came across your you tube channel yesterday and have been watching your videos with my son (he is 9 years old). We find the Japanese culture very interesting and enjoy learning about how people from other countries live their daily lives. We are from Malta which is a tiny island in the Mediterranean. Would Aiko and/or Shin be interested in exchanging letters with my son? let me know πŸ™‚

  • Jacqueline Russell

    Aiko, Shin,Dad & Mommy…..I stumbled on to your videos a couple of weeks ago. I am obsessed! ( well…a little obsessed! ) I think the videos you have done are absolutely great. It teaches others how one lives in a different country.
    I am from Michigan. When I was first married ( in 1974) I lived in Germany for 20 months while my husband was stationed with the US Army. The base was about 20 minutes from Frankfurt.
    Other than living in a different state when my DH went to college, I have lived in Michigan most of my life.
    I would love to visit Japan, now that I have seen your videos ! Thanks so much….the videos were so informative!
    Oh….one question….While you now are living in Japan, do you go home to Canada every few years? Is there a number of years before you go to Canada again.( I think I seen a video where you were in Canada recently ?
    Take care….and keep making those videos!

  • Herdina Primasanti

    Hi, Aiko! I’m from Indonesia. Right before I leave a comment here, I watched two of your videos and I enjoy watching them. It’s interesting that we can share trivias about cultures or any positive things in our country here and read by lots of people.

    Well, Indonesia is a tropical country, so you can’t expect to have four seasons like other countries located at the northern/southern part of the earth. Since there are a lot of ethnics and ethnical languages in Indonesia, we use Bahasa Indonesia as our national language. Me? I’m a daughter of Javanese parents.

    Hopefully, one day I can travel to many countries, including Japan.

    P.S.: Yeah, I’m a twin. Can you guess which one is me?

  • Panayiotis

    Hello Aiko and Chin hope you are having a great day today! My name is Panayiotis (it might sound funny if you pronounce) and I’m from Greece. I came across your youtube channel about half a year ago and I’m really fascinated with the Japanese culture!

    With all of my love and support,
    Panayiotis from Greece!!!

  • Joris

    Hello Aiko,
    My name is Joris and iΒ΄m from Germany, near the City Cologne. Currently iΒ΄m 14 year old and going to the 9. Class. My interrest for Japan started with a few novels about the feudal Japan, later i see a Strategy game from Sega about the Senguko-Jidai and read very much about Japanese History. A short time before i found your Channel i was reading the Book “the Chrysantheme and the Sword” about Japanese Culture. It isΒ΄nt that actuell, but very interresting. I have the plan to learn Japanese, but my very bad memory makes it difficult.
    I hope to travel to Japan sometime when iΒ΄m a little bit older, hopefully after school, and your videos are a very good help for me. Arigato!

  • farwa

    Hello Aiko,

    My name is farwa,I live in England. I love watching life where I’m from because it is very interesting.


  • BilL Gamble

    I love this Youtube channel. I learned a lot about life in Japan. It is very interesting! Keep up the good work.
    You and your family are wonderful. Very nice children.
    I wish people weren’t so ignorant as I read through the Q&A’s and saw some ridiculous questions.

    Cirencester, UK

  • Andrew Tobakos

    Hi Aiko and Shin! My name is Andrew and I’m 9 years old. My mommy spent a lot of time in Japan for the State Department for the US as a Foreign service Officer. My mommy is originally from Spain. I live in Charleston, SC.
    My mommy makes some Japanese food for me, and I love to eat Sushi, Yakisoba and Miso soup.

  • Sammie

    Hi guys! I’m Sammie and I live in Luton, England (not too far out from London). I’m on mat leave at the moment and came across your videos, we’ve watched all of them now over the last week or so. Me and my partner love Japan and its culture. We would love to visit one day. Your videos are perfect for getting my Japanese fix in the mean time! I hope my boy (Alex- 5 months who watches them all with me) will be inspired to love Japan (and beautiful Canada!) as much as us in the future with the help of your vids. Keep em coming! Lots of love from England.

  • Natalia Kataya

    Hello, my name is Natalia and i’m Lebanese living in Cyprus, i’m a fan of your channel and family, i have watched the video about disabilities in japan and how the government help them, i’m a person with a disability myself and i have always loved and wanted to go to japan and work there if possible, that’s why i’m always searching about disables and solutions in japan but they are always about the one’s with walking problems tc.. but i couldn’t find about people with no arms, and how it would hinder the work opportunities and house finding, daily living etc…. if you can please help me as much as you could in what i’d need to provide and how can the government help me (if any possible), i’d really appreciate it thank you very much

  • hanaan

    Hi aiko and shin . My name is hanaan I’m from Maldives and im 16 years old .I love watching your video. And I always see a girl name shoko cooking with you .how is that girl is she a cousin .and she is so pretty so as you and your brother he is so funny . And you gyes eat a lot .I hope I can go and visit Japan chaina and Korea . 😊😊 I now a little bit of Korea and Japan but not Korea .

  • Iona

    Hi aiko =^.^=
    I’m Iona from England! In England there is lots of rain and grey sky’s but that just makes the occasional blue sky’s even happier! In the countryside where I live there are miles and miles of green hills with little white dots that are sheep. I live in a village and there is only a pub and a school and lots of houses but in the nearby town there are cinemas and a swimming pool and hundreds of shops and an enormous library. I am twelve years old and I have just started highschool we have to get the bus at seven a clock every day to travel two hours to the nearest highschool! Life is good here as we have a kind cover meant and lots of charity to help people. But I would much rather live in Japan where the culture is beautiful and the sea is even warm which is crazy :O I love your videos and I am trying to learn japanese so If I ever visit it will be easier. Keep making them and don’t forget to look through the comments there are people from all over the world and what they have to say about where there from is so interesting and awesome πŸ˜€

  • Easton DuBois

    Hey I’m Easton I’m 12 and I’m from Mississippi I have always wanted to visit Japan and see what it is like I watch you and many other channels about Japanese culture and I hope to visit some day

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