LWIF EP38: Shopping at a Big Japanese Mall

Aiko and Shin visit a big shopping mall, which is located just outside of Tokyo in Chiba. It is made up of 4 buildings, which each building having three floors (We said 5 in the video, but we were counting the grocery store / Aeon centre as a separate building). If you want to check out the stores and mall layout, you can do so here. The mall is made up of the Grand Mall, Pet Mall, Active Mall, and Family Mall. It was built in 2015, so is quite new.

The mall is also has tax-free shopping for foreign visitors. Would I recommend visiting the mall? It’s quite hard to say. There are so many shopping experiences to be had in Japan, and if you were going to only go to one type of shopping place, I’d probably recommend going to Odaiba. But if you’re in the area and want to go shopping, it’s a nice mall with stuff for everyone in the family.

I should also mention, if you’re craving a real American hamburger, Village Vanguard Diner is hands down the best burger place I’ve eaten at in Japan so far.