LWIF X EP5: Nudity in Japan

When I first visited Japan, I was eager to try out the famous onsens (hot springs), but very nervous about bathing naked in a room full of guys. While some aspects of Japanese culture is very open to nudity (like public bath houses and men’s toilets), it’s also one that is fairly conservative (in comparison to North America, women are modestly dressed).

Jess from Jessica and Hai joins me to discuss nudity in Japan.

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  • Sam Ford

    I have to say, this has been the question I absolutely most wanted an answer to. Thank you for being so frank. I do have a question. Was it difficult for you personally to adjust to public nudity? (Well, not public. I mean you’re not a streaker or anything) Is it still difficult?

    I would absolutely die of mortification. I can’t even imagine that. Here in America we’re very puritanical, and nudity is closely linked to religion and morals. So the more… free areas of the country are looked down upon and considered sinful and immoral. I assume Canada is somewhat similar, having similar Puritan roots, but we take it to the Nth*. Especially in the South. And even with “lax morals” you’d still be hard pressed for anyone to openly consider nudity around children a good thing. So the idea of just bathing nude with children just blows me away.

    Though, when I was living in Honduras, I used to swim with boys in the river. They’d just jump in nude. I just went in my skivvies. I was still super self conscious though, so I don’t know if that was better or worse than just going buck ass.

    Also, what’s the point of reading hentai on a train. I’ve heard this is a thing. Is it just like how some guys read Playboy? I will admit to when having read hentai, I’ve had one specific thing in mind. Is that not a… issue? Does it depend on the guy? Do women read it too? I’ve heard that, perhaps baseless internet rumors, but I thought you might have some insight, Japanese specifically and Asians in general have very low libidos. Is that true? Does that play into this? Is that how they read Hentai without getting ‘wound up’? Is this perhaps a question better left to another video. Also, Hentai means pervert, yes? So isn’t it by they very nature considered perverted to read these works? Why do it in public? Many questions. Insight requested.

    Thanks for doing an X channel. I’ve wanted to ask this for a while, but didn’t feel comfortable discussing it with Aiko around. Or asking questions with the comments section filled with little kids.

    • lifewhereimfrom (author)

      Thanks for the comment! It wasn’t that difficult for me to adjust. I was more nervous doing it for the first time than anything. Everyone is naked, so to me, everyone is on equal ground.

      When I first heard about bathing nude with kids, that also came off to me as really odd. For example, my little brother is quite a bit younger than me, so I was an adult when he was 5/6 when he came to visit. I didn’t know what do with shower time, so I had him put on a bathing suit and sent him into our shower by himself. Now, I would never do such a thing.

      The train thing, I don’t really know that much about. I think I’ve personally seen it a couple times, but I’m not a daily commuter. I’ve also never talked to any Japanese people about adult mangas, so can’t really comment.

      Yes, I’m glad I made the X channel to, so that I could discuss topics like this. Cheers!

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