LWIF EP36: What a Japanese River Park is Like

Ok, not every Japanese park is like this, but you can definitely find these river parks throughout Tokyo. Even though name on the sign for the park says river park, it’s more like a stream park.

The video actually starts off by showing you what a park found underneath a bridge or elevated train tracks looks like. Since space is limited, you’ll often find little playgrounds under such structures.

The vast majority of parks I’ve encountered in Japan come standard with a water fountain, water tap, and bathroom facilities. So, if you find yourself in Japan and are in need of refreshments or relief, you can usually find it at a park.

If you’re in Tokyo, it’s a good bet that you’re close to a konbini, which is what convenient stores are called in Japan. There you can get all sorts of fresh and packaged foods, as well as refreshments and washroom facilities.

The river park we walked along is very pleasant, and every, single piece of it is landscaped and maintained. Despite the intense human touch, the unnatural nature is still pleasant to stroll along. Even though some parts of Tokyo look like a concrete jungle, I’m glad that there are areas like this that act as an oasis from the hustle and bustle of metropolis life.

If you visit the water park in the summer, the maintenance crew will have screwed on the taps for the showers that are found at several water play areas. So make sure to take some gear that can get wet and some towels if you go.

What are parks like where you’re from?