LWIF EP48: What a Japanese Summer BBQ is Like

We were invited to a summer BBQ in Japan and this is what it was like. Charcoal grills (which aren’t hibachis) were used to cook the assortment of beef, pork, seafood, noodles, and veggies. Since this wasn’t in Tokyo, there was actually a slice of a front yard, which was entirely taken up by the inflatable pool!

What’s a summer BBQ like where you’re from?

2 comments on LWIF EP48: What a Japanese Summer BBQ is Like

  • Huai Bin

    That’s really interesting! How does the machine for somen work? Does it circulate water to cool down the noodles? I’ll love something like that, it’ll go down swimmingly when I have people over for dinner. Can you let me know where to get one? I’ll be in Japan again early next year. Thanks!

    • lifewhereimfrom (author)

      As far as I know, traditionally having the somen flow down a bamboo shot (or in a machine), is for entertainment reasons. At home we just cook somen and then keep it in a strainer or bowl, and we grab from that and dip it in tsuyu (litle bowl with sauce / broth). Where to get one? On Amazon look for “nagashi somen machine” and you’ll find some.

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