LWIF EP49: Japanese Elementary School Supplies

Shin, for the first time, is the main host! He shows what an elementary school student in Japan needs when going back to school after summer break.

What are school supplies like where you’re from?

4 comments on LWIF EP49: Japanese Elementary School Supplies

  • abida

    Dearest aiko , hiiiiiiiii. I’m abida from india and I love your videos. You are such a cute little girl. I love you. Well, I’m seen almost all of your videos on youtube but I would love to see your mom clearly in a video if it’s possible? Take care,Bye xxxxxxx

  • Steve

    Greg, Would it be practical for Shin to teach you kanji as he learns them in school?

    I really enjoy and learn a lot from your videos!

    • lifewhereimfrom (author)

      Funny you say that, I’m supposed to do some Kanji with him today!

  • Steve

    I’m taking a Japanese class at the university where I work. I really enjoy it, but wish that I had learned at your age. Shin and Aiko seem like they will be very good sensei, but I suppose it will be hard for any adult to learn as fast as they do, especially when it’s obvious that you put a lot of time into the videos. がんばってください!

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