LWIF X EP14: 12 Little Things I Like About Living in Japan

Previously I made a video regarding my 10 pet peeves about living in Japan. While t they were very minor complaints I had when I first moved, I just wanted to point out that these were small things that really don’t bug me and would never stop me from living here.

That being said, there are some big concerns I have with my family being in Japan, as well as some big reasons why I love living in Japan. Today I won’t talk about either of those big pros and cons.

Instead, I’m going to do the opposite of the pet peeves video and discuss 12 little things I like about living in Japan. Stuff that didn’t make me move here, but stuff that I enjoy nonetheless.

3 comments on LWIF X EP14: 12 Little Things I Like About Living in Japan

  • Miki

    It’s been years since I’ve been in Japan but I remember buying a drink from a vending machine in the middle of summer (not being able to read the kanji and just taking a stab at guessing) and taking a few moments to realize that the tingling numbness in my fingers was not, in fact, refreshingly icy coffee but piping hot instead. Sob. I’m planning a trip in October with hubby and 3-yo son and I wonder if onsen would be feasible/enjoyable for the boy, in terms of the temperature factor… I came to your site via the Arinomi course video and am enjoying hanging around. Thank you!!

    • lifewhereimfrom (author)

      Hi Miki. I hope you have a good trip in October. Kids of all ages use the onsen, so I assume your son would be fine. There are usually baths with different temperatures as well.

  • Ammara

    Hello! i was thinking that it would be great to see schools from around the world! I’m from pakistan, a young country right next to india! People seem not to like pakistan because pakistan is known for terrorists! Any ways i love your channel! And i love japan! and i will keep making 1000 paper cranes to make my wish come true! that is to meet you!😁

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