LWIF EP 106: Being Japanese Documentary Intro

What makes a Japanese person Japanese? While Japan is thought of as a homogeneous country, there’s a lot of diversity if you scratch beneath the surface. I’m creating a feature-length documentary about what it is to be Japanese and I’d love your support on Indiegogo. You can support at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/being-japanese-documentary/.

Beyond a financial contribution, some important things that can help make the documentary a success will be interpreters, assistants, translators, and participants (Japanese citizens both in Japan and abroad). If you are, or know of, people who would like to help tell this story, please visit https://www.lifewhereimfrom.com/contact/ and get in touch!


One comment on LWIF EP 106: Being Japanese Documentary Intro

  • Michael Paras

    Hi, I’m mike from the Philippines and i only started watching your channel recently. So far I enjoy watching them. I have only been to Japan last year for a family vacation (me, my wife and my daughter, im 40 yrs old btw). I hope to visit Japan often as it is a wonderful place. I also like how Aiko is also the name of my favorite Japanese singer (aiko yannai) from Osaka, who i believe is big in Japan.

    Anyway keep making awesome videos and hope to hear from you.

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