LWIF EP15: What’s Life Like Where You’re From?

We’ve made a few videos about what life is like for us in Japan, but we’ve always wanted to know what life is like where you’re from. So, we made www.lifewhereimfrom.com so you can share your stories, photos, and videos!

The whole point of the project was to have kids from around the world see what life is like for other kids around the world (but of course, you can be any age!) If we’re lucky enough to have you share your stories, we’d love to feature some of them at the end of the videos (and if all goes well even have whole videos of other families).

It’s really nerve wracking launching this site, as it feels so official, and I don’t know how many people will share their stories. I hope there are a few of you that will.  It’s been really amazing reading all the comments on the videos and seeing that people from all around the world really are connecting. As always, thanks for watching!

How to share your stories

Easy. Leave a comment on any post. You can even attach photos and share youtube videos (just make sure to put the youtube link on a separate line so that it shows up in the comments properly). Since this is a publicly available website, please don’t share anything you wouldn’t want others to see. We’re excited to share some stories at the end of our videos, so if you would not like us to do so, just mention it in the comments (Youtube videos unfortunately can’t be updated to remove content and we’d hate to show something you don’t want us to).

Social Stuff

I don’t know if we’ll post a lot, but you can follow and see.

So, what’s life like where you’re from?

Let us know in the comments below!