LWIF EP16: Exploring an Old Town in the Japanese Countryside (Inaka)

Hello World! We’ve shown a lot of videos about life in Tokyo, but what does and old town in the Japanese inaka (countryside) look like? Shin and his Daddy explore the bamboo forests and rice fields, finding graveyards and shrines along the way.

The town we visited is located outside of Yokkaichi, Mie, Japan.

The area had little mountains (or were they hills?)


In the valley, we found rice fields, and there were irrigation channels that flowed from the town down into the rice fields.


The roads were very narrow in some parts, so narrow that if a tall man (not me) lied down in the middle of the street he’d be touching both sides.


We found lots of older style Japanese homes.



We also found a couple of graveyards.



In a soon-to-come episode, we’ll go inside and explore a Japanese home that’s over one hundred years old.

So, what’s an old town in the countryside like where you’re from?