LWIF X EP31: Is it hard being 30 and moving to Japan? Q+A v2

In this month’s Q+A about life in Japan, I answer the following questions:

– Do people in Japan buy most of their things when they go on sale?

– Looking back at life in Japan, what is the biggest ‘gaijin mistake’ you’ve made in public?

– Are your kids starting to watch or have interest in anime?

– What would you change about Japan if you could?

– How would you describe the awesomeness of alpacas?

– My opinion is Japanese are very friendly on a casual basis, but to develop a true and lasting friendship requires as much or more work than North America. How do you feel about that?

– Is it hard to find a English speaking paid tourist guides Tokyo and gunma for 3 Day trip?

– What are the Broadband and Cellular charges like in Japan?

– How is beard seen in Japan? I’ve heard that a lot of people are asked to shave daily. If i go to work in japan will i be asked to shave?

– How can you cope with being over 30 years old and have family and kids then relocating to another country to live ?

I used to only record the answers for Patreon supporters, but I wanted to start sharing with everyone, since not everyone is able to financially contribute. If you do support on Patreon, you get the perk of getting to ask a question each month and getting an answer. It’s at least something small I can do for all your support. But what I’d also like to try in the following months is answer a few questions from Twitter, FaceBook, and Instagram. So make sure to follow me there if you’d like to ask a question next month.