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LWIF X EP31: Is it hard being 30 and moving to Japan? Q+A v2

In this month’s Q+A about life in Japan, I answer the following questions: – Do people in Japan buy most of their things when they go on sale? – Looking back at life in Japan, what is the biggest ‘gaijin mistake’ you’ve made in public? – Are your kids starting to watch or have interest in anime? – What would you change about Japan if you could? – How would you describe the awesomeness of alpacas? – My opinion is Japanese are very friendly on a casual basis, but to develop a true and lasting friendship requires as much or…

LWIF EP42: 私のラーメン屋 (My Ramen Shop)

On a visit to YouTube Space Tokyo, we were shown the set for the ramen shop. The kids thought it was neat, so we gathered up some family members and the kids made a mini-drama (ドラマ) out of it. It was all for fun, so don’t take the acting too seriously 🙂 (behind-the-scenes footage down below!)

LWIF X EP9: Can I Make A Living Producing Videos Again?

In the last videos, I talked about why I started the LWIF channel and what it was like to go viral and be “famous” (it’s in quotes for a good reason). This one is probably the most nerve-racking video I’ve ever released. I’m letting people see my inner dialogue for the past half year, and asking them to weigh in on my future.