LWIF EP134: Trying to Eat ALL of Japan’s Frozen Treats

I wanted to show all the variety of Japanese ice cream and other frozen desserts that you can get at the supermarket. Unfortunately, I’m bad at math, and didn’t comprehend that eating 53 treats would take a long time to do, but it would also make a LONG video. After many failed attempts at shortening this beast of a project, it’s still just shy of 50 minutes long. For all you frozen treat lovers, I hope you enjoy the dedication. My waistline sure did!


One comment on LWIF EP134: Trying to Eat ALL of Japan’s Frozen Treats

  • Tony Hernandez

    Enjoying your life where from since watching it’s few weeks ago! About the different kinds of treats for snacks was surprising to see Aiko and Shin grown up. Aiko not a little girl anymore.She just beautiful young teenager as same for Shin. I’m hard of hearing and from Coral Gables (Miami) Florida U.SA.. In some of the video I try to turn on captions failed so have try to read lip read but no easy. Hope Greg, Aiko and Shin learns some ASL ( American Sign Language) for easy understanding. I plans to visit Japan next year 2020 after the Olympic and hopefully meet you in person

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