LWIF EP133: Japan’s Public Housing for the Middle Class

Ever since I moved to Japan six years ago I’ve had an interest in danchi, which are the housing complexes built by Japanese government agencies in the late 1950’s. In this video I tour some of the original restored units as well as their modern counterparts.

A special thanks to UR for giving me access to all that they did. I was actually surprised at how helpful they were, especially since this was not a sponsored video.

If you’re looking to see rental housing available from UR, their website is https://www.ur-net.go.jp/chintai/. If you don’t know Japanese, you can actually use realtors to help you find spots (UR pays their fee, so there’s no extra cost). An example of a realtor is http://www.tokyobestapartment.com/ who specializes in helping foreigners find apartments in Tokyo.

You too can visit the Urban Renaissance Agency Technology Research Institute in Hachioji https://www.ur-net.go.jp/rd/index.html for free, however you have to make a reservation by phone or email, so it’s not a place you can just easily drop by.

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