LWIF EP7: A Visit to a Japanese Vegetable Garden

Hello World! Aiko visits her ojiisan’s (Grandpa’s) vegetable garden, where he grows soramame (broad bean), naganegi (leek), piiman (green pepper), naganegi (onion), kyuuri (cucumber), suica (watermelon), okura (okura) and jagaimo (potato).

Since space is limited in Tokyo, even if you own a home, there’s probably not enough room to have a garden. For people that still want to garden, they can rent / use community garden space to do so.  For those that don’t want to go to a garden away from their home, potted plants are very popular. Aiko’s Ojjisan (grandfather) drives 13km to get to his garden plot that he rents outside of Tokyo city in the prefecture of Chiba. I don’t think it’s common to drive that far though (he works as a farmer a few times a week and his garden plot happens to be close to the farm he works at).