LWIF EP6: Mak/eat/ing Japanese Candy

Hello World! Aiko tries out an assortment of Japanese candy and snacks, from Pocky to toilet candy.

Something that we didn’t show in the video, were the non-sweet Japanese snacks that kids eat, like dried squid, dried fishes, and sea weed. I don’t eat are the dried squid and fish ones, but I do love seaweed. Aiko and Shin eat everything.

We’ve never tried these services, but if you’re looking for some Japanese snacks, here’s two that I’ve heard of:

Frequently Asked Questions

I feel like Japanese candy produces a lot of waste. Especially the toilet one.

When I first came to Japan I noticed that there was a lot more packaging than North American goods (although thankfully they don’t clamshell anything!) Some of it does feel wasteful. I don’t know how much this helps, but the plastic is usually a lot thinner gauge than what you’d find in North America. Also, all the plastic and paper is part of the recycling program in the part of Tokyo that I live in. So we generally send all the packaging to the recyclers (although I know it’s better to not have packaging at all in the first place).

So much sugar!! But probably not as sweet as American Candy.

Yeah, I tend to find the candy and other products (like pop) aren’t as sugary as American candy.