LWIF X EP35: Why are you making a propaganda, SJW, ego-boosting, globalization documentary? Q+A v5

In this month’s Patreon Q+A, I answer questions about the documentary I’m starting to work on called “Being Japanese“. To get your virtual movie tickets in advance, visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/being-japanese-documentary/

00:20 – Why? Who is asking for this? Is it just an ego thing, no offense?
4:33 – How does the Japanese political system work?
5:25 – For the documentary, where do you plan to visit?
6:48 – How important do you think the observance of traditional religious rites — even if practised only two or three times a year — is to Japanese self-identity?
8:48 – How long will production of the documentary take?
10:03 – I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoy the content you’re making.
10:24 – Can’t you just get a job?
12:52 – It’s important this documentary not exist instead of the vlog videos but rather alongside them.
14:33 – Foreigner living in Japan suffers identity crisis, decides to make YouTube video about it. WOW HOW ORIGINAL.
16:59 – What’s your budget?
17:47 – Most Japanese think that this video is for propaganda of globalizationnal SJW. Its the answer.