LWIF X EP32: Japanese Groceries: Q+A v3

In this month’s Q+A about life in Japan, I answer questions about groceries:

– 0:21 Do kids in Japan scream and cry at register because Mom didn’t get the waffles?
– 1:18 Can you comments on product branding and marketing of groceries?
– 2:15 Are there products marketed towards kids?
– 3:31 Is it normal to stock up on a few weeks worth of groceries at one time? What are the most common “must have” items you would find in any Japanese pantry?
– 4:59 For muslims, how often are there non-halal ingredients that I would have to look out for at restaurants or at the grocery store?
– 6:33 What kinds of foods do everyday work week meals consist of?
– 7:32 In Canada (as you know), usually a farmer’s market produce is MASSIVELY higher priced than in the supermarket’s although the quality is better. How does it compare in Japan?
– 9:53 Some price comparisons to the US/Canada standard of living would be interesting.
– 12:06 Why are some imported things super expensive, and why do some seem to be about the same price as you pay in the country of origin?
– 12:48 Is it easy to get most of the ingredients and foods you ate when living in Canada?
– 14:08 I know in Tokyo you have 7 Eleven stores, but what about other stores where people may get groceries from? How do they compare to 7 Eleven? (such as price, quality and quantity etc)
– 15:03 What is the strangest produce you have bought, prepared and eaten?
– 15:54 Why are there so many milk options? We only really have 3 here in the US and what I’ve seen in Canada, no fat, low fat, and “full” fat. Then there’s half and half and cream. There seemed to be 20 options in Japan.

Sorry to Candece. I had your many questions, but somehow I missed it when answering them on camera. To answer one of your questions, there are many groceries that are open 24-7 in Tokyo. Where I live, there are 2 within a five minute walk. If those aren’t open, you can alway go to a convenience store, which are generally open 24-7.

To LordLiquidBaconII, I forgot to answer about whether I get cravings for Canadian food. I’d say not as much as I used to. I’ve found places where I can get the food, like pizza or hamburgers, in a style that I’m looking for. Maybe poutine? Haven’t had any poutine in Japan!

I do plan on making some proper videos about groceries, like what the typical food stocked in the fridge and pantry would be and what shopping at a grocery store is like.