LWIF X EP29: Would you do a Documentary About War? Q+A v1

In this month’s Q+A about life in Japan, I answer the following questions:

  1. When you’re out in the city and want a quick meal, what restaurant or food would you recommend?
  2. If someone at school asked your kids what your work is, what would they answer?
  3. What in your life has changed most since moving to Japan
  4. Often in the western world there is a bit of stigma around jobs such as retail working, working at fast food places, receptionists, etc etc. They are thought off as bad jobs and something for teenagers, retirees, uneducated people, lazy people, you get the picture. Particularly the middle class seem to promote this stigma. Is it similar in Japan?
  5. Is your family watching the Olympics much?
  6. I’d like to see you go to an alpaca farm!
  7. Would you consider doing a documentary on the war?
  8. Can you talk a bit about the difference between JR and the local city metros?
  9. In one of your videos I remember noticing that one of the girls was very clearly writing with her left hand. Now, I’d always understood that Japan has traditionally come down very heavily on naturally left-handed children, more or less forcing them to use their right hand for writing etc. Is this no longer the case?
  10. What plans do you have for Aiko and Shin’s future education?

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