LWIF EP88: Why Japanese Love Bathing

Ever wondered why Japanese cultures has such an affinity for bathing? Take a trip with me in this brief history of bathing in Japan.

Special Thanks
🗲 Chris Okano for onsen drone footage… because how many people have that!
🗲 Jess and Hai from Notes of Nomads for their photos… again
🗲 Andrew Marston for being a non-stop motion graphics machine… and to Lori for fueling us
🗲 All my Patreon supporters for giving me the time to work on vids like this
🗲 And to my wife… because she loves it when I credit her
🗲 For fair use for enabling me to use footage from movies and tv
🗲 To all those that allow use of their work through Creative Commons

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Video Sources
🗲 Shogun
🗲 Good Morning Call
🗲 Thermae Rome
🗲 Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to (The comic artist and assistants)