LWIF EP76: True Canadian Experience? Glamping & Rafting

What is a truly Canadian experience? When we have visitors to Vancouver, located in Super, Natural, British Columbia, we usually take them to spots like Stanley Park, up to Grouse Mountain, or maybe to Whistler. This highlights some of the nature that can be found, but I think people who really want to experience the outdoors tend to avoid these places, as they are a bit touristy and busy.

A place that my family has been to a few times, which is in the middle of nowhere, yet you’re not completely without amenities out in the woods, is the REO Rafting resort located on the Nahatlatch river. So when my son Shintaro found out we were going back to Canada for a few months, he immediately told me he wanted to go camping. And the place that I knew we could get that camping experience yet not own any of the gear, was REO. So off we went.

Well, kind of. Like I said, I had been to REO before, so I reached out to the owner to see if he’d be willing to sponsor our family trip and he nicely agreed. So a big thanks to Bryan, his family, and staff for being so hospitable. Everyone had a fantastic time.

If you’re looking to experience what we did, please check out REO at http://reorafting.com/ and tell them we sent you 🙂

What’s a truly unique experience where you’re from?