LWIF EP74: Japanese vs. Canadian School (Elementary)

Aiko compares what elementary school is like in British Columbia, Canada vs. Tokyo, Japan.

0:04 Food
1:23 Rules
2:25 More Rules
2:56 Breaks
3:37 Homework
4:18 Physical Education
5:12 Field Trips
6:17 Course Difficulty
7:05 Canadian Pros
7:46 Japanese Pros
8:28 Classmates
9:40 Teachers
9:58 Canada or Japan?
10:22 What About Shin?

What’s school like where you’re from?

7 comments on LWIF EP74: Japanese vs. Canadian School (Elementary)

  • Aline Lucena

    Wow, Shin is growing so fast! I remember how little he was in that very first breakfast video. A big hug from Brazil! Love you guys!!

  • Khongoroo

    You guys are the Best^^

  • Rian Parvez

    I met a girl just same as Aiko. I am a big fan and of life where I m from. I also live in Japan in Sumida, Tokyo. I met them like in night in front of Ito yokado in hikifune. I want to meet you guys one day.

    • lifewhereimfrom (author)

      Ah, Sumida, where Skytree is. We’ve visited Hikifune before, we ate some sushi at the kaiten restaurant there, Kura Sushi.

      • Raied

        So you also live in Sumida

  • Raied


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