LWIF EP70: What Canadian Parks are Like (Vancouver)

Take a tour with Aiko and Shin as they play at six different parks in Vancouver, BC, Canada: Stanley Park, Terra Nova Adventure Park, Burnaby Mountain Bicycle Skills Park, Barnet Marine Park, and the Richmond Skateboard Park. We also drop by La Casa Gelato for some ice cream.

What are parks like where you’re from?

5 comments on LWIF EP70: What Canadian Parks are Like (Vancouver)

  • Daniel Hyldebrandt Hemmingsen

    I just visited The Deer Park today, in my city Aarhus. (Denmark.) A short 1 min. video can be seen here. (I captured a herd going from one place to another.) It’s not far from the Royal Families summer residence. Marselisborg Palace.

  • Lan

    We just came back from Vancouver and had a great time. We were excited to see the video before our trip and knew we had to visit at least one of the parks. We went to Stanley Park and it was just beautiful. How long will you guys be staying in Vancouver? I don’t know if we missed the reason for the move. We’ve visited Tokyo a few times and can’t wait to go back!

    • lifewhereimfrom (author)

      We’re in Vancouver until early July 2017, and then we’re back to Japan.

      • Lan

        Oh great! My 8 yr old daughter loves your videos. I think her favorite episode was the one where Aiko tried different kinds of candy. We went to Daiso while in Vancouver and also an Asian grocery store, she was trying to find the toilet bowl candy 🙂 Keep up the great work, we enjoy your youtube channel a lot.

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