LWIF EP66: Visiting a Famous Japanese Hot Spring Town: Kusatsu

I love Japanese onsens (hot springs), and my family… well, they like them. I had heard about Kusatsu and asked my wife to see if she could book a trip out there for us. She delivered and we rented a car and drove a few hours, stopping a few places along the way, before we reached our ryokan. Not knowing that much about Kusatsu, I think the family was all pleasantly elated to find a hot spring town that was beyond our expectations. There are some places that the kids visit where they whine about walking here and there, but since everything was so close and in walking distance of the town, and because there was a lot more snow than we expected, all the family had a fantastic time… except for poor Mummy, who was coming down with a cold/fever.

Special thanks to our friends and fellow YouTubers Jess and Hai from Notes of Nomads for their photos. They also have an awesome guide about visiting Kusatsu which we used when planning our trip http://bit.ly/kusatsunon