LWIF EP54: Streets Around the World

Thanks to everyone who submitted what their streets look like around the world!

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Credits, in order of appearance

We’ve embedded the videos of all those who posted their full videos on YouTube.

Sandra Kao from Houston, Texas, USA (Youtube Channel, Instagram: @sandrakao99)

Madhavsreedar from Trivandrum, India (Youtube Channel)
Nathan (Ninja Monkey) from Gibraltar, Gibraltar, EUROPE! (Youtube Channel, Twitter: @ninjamonkeygib)
Cristina Dias from Lisbon, Portugal
Mae from Cambridge, England
Madeleine and Kiva from Boston, Massachusetts (Instagram:@isthisartsyyet)
Simon from Santiago, Chile (Instagram:@saimonki)
PawPaw Ray & Baby from Woodburn, Indiana, USA (Youtube Channel, Twitter: @pawpaw_ray, Instagram: @pawpawrayandbaby)

Simas from Panevėžys, Lithuania (Youtube Channel, Twitter: @iamquiz_hi, Instagram: @iamquiz)
Lenny from Peqan, Kosova
Ana and Mariana from Angra dos Reis, Brazil (Instagram:@anambya)
Denisse from Jalisco Mexico (Instagram: @freakymocha)

thedarkwayne from Cairns, Australia (Youtube Channel, Twitter: @thedarkwaynee, Instagram: @thedarkwayne)
Maya and Arya from Toronto, Canada
Josh from Norridge, Illinois, USA (Instagram:@payne222)
Celina Murphy Wong from Dublin,Ireland (Youtube Channel, Instagram: @lady_nightstriker)