LWIF EP151: My Obsession with Japanese thermoses

For a long time I’ve been living under the assumption that Japanese thermoses (tumblers, travel mugs, insulated drink bottles, vacuum flasks… whatever you call them) are the best. To test out my convictions, I added to my already large collection of thermoses to test out a whole bunch of them.

Because I know people will ask, here’s a list of all the thermoses that I own that I could find. It’s not exhaustive. Note 1: Some of the links are Amazon referral links, but don’t feel any pressure to buy using those links. Note 2: Yen prices already include Japan’s 10% consumption tax. I don’t know how taxes work on Amazon US, but the $ prices are what I saw listed on the site. Note 3: If it’s a Japanese bottle being sold in the US or vice versa, the prices are usually much more expensive.