LWIF EP125: Japan’s Body Image Gym

So I found out about this special gym in Japan by one of my viewers, who said it was unlike anything he’s seen before in North America. Instead of focusing on only body fitness, it also does fashion, hair styling, and make-up. Not only that, it also acts as a kind of social club.

I seriously had a very hard time editing this video, because everyone was so positive about the experience and it felt like I was making a giant ad for the place. But as you know, I always disclose sponsorships, and this is not a sponsored video. It was also difficult to edit because I believe it’s who you are that really matters, not the way you look.

So, I don’t know if I showed my struggle well in editing this video, but I really did have doubts as to how to cover the topic. In the end, I decided that it’s a kind of club built around appearance and confidence and is just a superficial to some people as a club built around being good at sports or, like me, a club built around making videos. In the end, if the members are happy (and they did seem happy) and are growing as people, then even if I don’t completely understand it, I can see how it can have a positive impact on the member’s lives.

The name of the place is called Colors Lounge https://www.colors-lounge.com/ (again, not an ad).

Some of the people featured in the video have Instagram accounts and you can follow along their body-make, fashion, hair, and make-up progress if you like.

Do you have a “body image” gym where you’re from?