LWIF EP118: Pros and Cons of Life Outside Tokyo | Rural Japan

I usually tell stories about what life is like in Tokyo, because that’s where our family lives. But today we head out to Matsuyama in the prefecture of Ehime to find out what life in non-Tokyo, the countryside of Japan, is like.

Special thanks to Sherry for showing me around Matsuyama/Ehime. Check out her YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/SherryBerryinEhimeENG


One comment on LWIF EP118: Pros and Cons of Life Outside Tokyo | Rural Japan

  • Sandy enoch

    I saw your you tube video about pros and cons of living in rural japan . I think rural japan is beautiful. I understand that getting a visa to live or work in japan is difficult and I do understand why . But I think with the falling birthrate in japan they will need to let more foreigners in ( which makes me worry about preserving japan) but I think on thing missed is japan rural areas should have more foreign teachers come in maybe offer places to live for middle age teachers and I think make a small school that teaches in English and Japanese . Just start a small school that’s starts grade one kids into bilingual school. ( small international elementary). You bring in a few well checked people to staff a small school and then businesses develop for the town people to feed them/ clothe then help them develop local hobbies etc Japanese style ! This prepares children more than just having an English teacher for better jobs also . And schools grow into international middle/ high schools or you then slowly convert the schools there into bilingual school experience. So in five to the. Years of the elementary school did well then those kids go to their local middle school due to now it’s heing taught the same way . I think japan just needs one rural town to do this in and see if it is a success . Anyway just thinking 🙂

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