LWIF EP110: Who Am I?

Are you that commenter who wanted to know my race/ethnicity/background? Then get comfy, it’s story time.

Support my current documentary in the works about Japanese identity called “Being Japanese” https://igg.me/at/lwif-being-japanese-documentary/x

Note for any future family historians: This was an incomplete picture of the family’s history and of course a lot of things got skipped or glossed over. Apologies.


One comment on LWIF EP110: Who Am I?

  • Iwi Seabert

    Interesting video! I look forward to seeing your documentary.
    I am mixed too! Japanese, Hawaiian, Chinese, Portuguese, Irish, English. My husband is half Japanese, Russian, German, Irish, English. We are from Hawaii now living in Japan. In Hawaii, almost everyone is mixed. It’s the melting pot of the Pacific. I never felt discrimination. But you’re video made me reflect about how in Hawaii, you never ask a person, what are you? Or what’s your ethnicity?.. you’d just assume they’re mixed rather, the most frequently asked question amongst locals is “where’d you grad (graduate high school) from?” From their response you could make generalizations about the persons social economic status and hobbies. So, even when we meet Hawaii people here, first question is… “where’d you grad from?”, lol.

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