LWIF EP32: What a Japanese Apartment is Like

Aiko finally gives you a tour of our Japanese apartment. Did you know that in Japan they call some apartments mansions?

The size of the apartment is 70 sq. m. (750 sq. ft.). We live within the 23 wards of the city of Tokyo, so for an apartment within city limits, I think it would be considered to be on the bigger side. Rent is ¥117,000 a month (~1,000USD). For some I’m sure this sounds expensive, to other who are used to big cities, it may seem cheap. In comparison to where we’re coming from (Vancouver), I consider the rent to be decent.

Our apartment is located relatively close to a train station, and most train stations from within the city of Tokyo can get to the core within about 30 minutes.

When a window is to close to another house, it needs to be frosted. This is for privacy reasons. We have both frosted and non-frosted windows in our apartment.

One thing we didn’t show in the video was the balcony, which is standard in most Japanese residences, as people need somewhere to dry their laundry.

What are apartments like where you’re from?