LWIF EP31: 21 Questions for Life Where I’m From

Wow, we got a lot of questions after our first FAQ video. So many, that we had to do another one to answer as many as we could.

Here’s the 21 questions we were able to get to:

  1. Does Aiko prefer to speak Japanese or English?
  2. Since the kids know English very well, do their schools place them in Advanced English classes?
  3. Are Aiko and her brother retaining their English well or are they losing some?
  4. Since the kids speak Japanese to mommy and English to you, what language do you and mommy speak to each other?
  5. Can you have pets in japan, Does Aiko have any pets? Which animal does she like?
  6. Ordinarily on a normal basis, at the entranceway of Japanese schools you would have to remove your outdoor shoes and swap on indoor shoes before stepping indoors. Now, what do visitors do if they are visiting the school during a cultural festival?
  7. What do people do when they get sick
  8. Sports, what do you all like to do and what you do not do but love to watch?
  9. What does Aiko want to be when she grows up?
  10. What is/are her favourite subject(s) in school?
  11. Does she prefer living in Japan, Canada or is there no preference and why?
  12. What does Aiko so in her spare time for fun?
  13. How old is Aiko?
  14. Aiko, what are you eating in your youtube cover?
  15. How long have you been in Japan?
  16. How did you guys decide to move your family to Japan after several years in Canada?
  17. How did your mum and dad meet?
  18. Why were Japanese names chosen for the kids instead of something more Westernized?
  19. Do people (ethnic japanese) treat you or your children “different”?
  20. Do you guys have citizenship in both canada and japan?
  21. Who do you love more? Mommy or Daddy?

And oh yeah, there’s now the Life Where I’m From X channel, which is the X-rated adult version of the channel (well, not really).