LWIF EP27: Arinomi Athletic Park in Chiba, Japan

Arinomi Course (athletic park) is one of a few obstacle courses for children that you can find around the Tokyo area.

If you google athletic park or athletic course, I’m sure you can find some close to where you are in Japan. If you’re interested in visiting Arinomi Course, their website is at http://arinomi-course.sakura.ne.jp/. It’s all in Japanese, but you don’t really need to know Japanese to visit. But, you might have trouble searching the site for a map, so here’s the park on Google Maps.

The price is ¥1,000 for ages over 15, ¥800 for ages 5-14, ¥500 for ages 3-4, and free for under ages under 3.

One of the interesting things that I found about entertainment areas for kids, is that the prices for adults are usually more expensive than for kids. This is opposite to what I’m used to in Canada, where adults are usually free or at a lower rate than kids, since they’re not really using the facilities. However, on a whole, the prices for many kids activities aren’t too bad in Japan, so I won’t complain. Maybe I’ll just leave them alone and go grab some tea at a cafe next time…

Something that we didn’t show in the video, is that there are seating areas for eating food while you’re there, and you can also rent a bbq (you can bring your own meat or purchase it there). Even though places like this can get busy, I’ve never been where it’s been too bad, unlike some other attractions (*cough* Disneyland *cough*).

What are athletic parks like where you’re from?