LWIF EP24: Happy Halloween from Japan!

Halloween in Japan is starting to get more popular, but it’s not exactly like Halloween in North America. This is what registering to go “trick-or-treating” looks like.

To be very clear, the halloween shown in the video is not a typical Japanese Halloween event. This is a special event put on by an English school that organized local families together to provide a Halloween-like experience. For most Japanese kids, I’m fairly sure they have no concept of trick-or-treating. I have seen some Halloween activities at daycares where they have decorations and give out candy, but at Aiko and Shin’s Elementary school, there’s no sign of Halloween.

6 comments on LWIF EP24: Happy Halloween from Japan!

  • Nicole Rim

    Hi Aiko and family! My name is Nicole (I’m the one dressed as “Madeline” in the photo), and I am from Massachusetts. My church kids and I love watching your videos and learning about life in Japan through your narration! You are such a cute, sweet, articulate girl!

    Halloween in Massachusetts is really fun, and our church gathers together to go trick-or-treating around our neighborhood and afterwards, play fun games together! One of the games that we play is called “Lazarus” (https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=John+11%3A1-44&version=NIV) where we get into teams and choose one person to be “Lazarus”. We take toilet paper and wrap them up like mummies (as seen in the photo). Whichever team can wrap their mummy up the fastest (without tearing the toilet paper), wins! Afterwards, the mummies break loose and it’s raining toilet paper everywhere! 🙂

    • lifewhereimfrom (author)

      That is a really cool Halloween! I like the toilet paper mummy! – Aiko

  • Franziska

    Wow, Halloween in Japan is real strange. In Germany, Halloween is mostly for partys. This year, we had 5 kids coming to our door and all were from UK.
    At 10.11 (In Celle/Niedersachsen) the kids going from door to door and sing for sweets. It’s called Sankt Martin or Martins singen. It’s like Halloween without masks or costumes, often the kids walk with selfmade laterns.

    Thanks for showing us this difference from US to Japanese Halloween.



    • lifewhereimfrom (author)

      Singing for candy, that sounds fun! – The Dad

  • Erika Flores

    This is us this Halloween. The 2 scary guys are my brother & my nephew. I’m from USA, in Texas and here both adults and kids LOVE dressing up and having fun. My older daughter is 15 now and she is the one in the big blue dress, she loves dressing up but no longer wants to trick or treat lol. Right now only my youngest (zombie doctor) is the only trick or treater I have left. I agree with you about the big handfuls of candy, those are the best.. I like to sneak some of the candy my kids gets 😉 Haunted house are a big hit here as well, here in San Antonio, they have one called the 13th floor and it’s SUPER scary… they even have a special night at this haunted house called “Blackout” , where it is COMEPLETLY dark and they only give you 2 glowsticks for you to use as light, and all the scary people in the haunted house gets night vision goggles and they like to steal your glowsticks! Yikes!! I haven’t been to that one…I’m scared to try the blackout haha. Hope you enjoyed your Halloween (^_^)

    • lifewhereimfrom (author)

      Great pics, thanks for sharing! Those costumes do look scary.

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