LWIF EP21: Making Authentic Neapolitan Pizza… in Japan

Aiko and Shin learn to make authentic Neapolitan pizza from Japanese chef Naoto Tsurumi at his luna e dolce restaurant. They learnt that awesome pizza is a blend of dedication and fresh, quality ingredients. 

Lots of people said they would like to visit, so here’s Tsurumi-san’s website http://www.luna-e-dolce.com/.

The first time Tsurumi-san had pizza Margherita pizza he was 24 years olds. He said it was the best tasting pizza he had ever had and decided he had to learn to make the same pizza himself. He learnt how to make pizza from an Italian chef visiting Japan.

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Not only are his recipes from Italy, but his equipment also. Both his giant dough mixer and wood-fired brick stove came straight from Italy.

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Making pizza is a real labour of love for Tsurumi-san, as he has to make dough every morning, even on his days off.

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On top of making pizza, he also runs a program for local kids to learn how to make pizza themselves.

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We’re really lucky that Tsurumi-san was kind enough to show Aiko and Shin how to make pizza. It was delicious!


What’s some good authentic food that you can get in your country?