LWIF EP11: A Japanese and half Japanese Kid Draw their Homes, Families, and Favourite Animals

Hello World! What do the drawings of a Japanese and half Japanese kid look like? Is it like manga? Find out as Aiko and her cousin draw their homes, families, and favourite animals.

I think that in comparison to the West, the way that kids in Japan draw certain things is interesting. Something that stood out to me was the sun, which I always drew yellow, or maybe orange. In Japan, those colours can be used, but red is the norm. When I asked Shoko why she drew the sun red, she matter of factly said, “I drew the sun red because the sun is red.”

If you google space images of the sun, you’ll see that there are all three colours: yellow, orange and red.

From Wikipedia Commons
Source: Wikipedia Commons

When I read about the sun, I learned it actually emits white light, and only appears yellow to us on earth due to the atmosphere. The sun on the Japanese flag is a rising sun, and the sun can appear redder in dawn/dusk, so perhaps that’s why it’s drawn red, but I don’t know (I couldn’t find any reliable source as to why Japanese draw the sun red).

Are there any elements in the drawings that are done differently than how people would normally draw it in your country?

Aiko's home
Aiko’s home
Shoko's home
Shoko’s home
Aiko's family
Aiko’s family
Shoko's family
Shoko’s family
Aiko's animals
Aiko’s animals
Shoko's animals
Shoko’s animals
Daddy's drawing
Daddy’s drawing