LWIF EP59: How an Average Family in Tokyo can Buy a New Home

Coming to Japan from Canada (and the crazy housing market that is Vancouver), I was surprised to find out that the average family could afford a brand new house, even in the city of Tokyo. In this video I explore how this is possible.

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3 comments on LWIF EP59: How an Average Family in Tokyo can Buy a New Home

  • Kathy

    I love your posts and videos! My family moved from downtown Vancouver to Manila and we’re dreaming about moving to Tokyo. Very informative and adorable kids. Please keep making your mini documentaries!

  • Laure

    Funny interesting and cool! We love your videos !
    We bought a new apartement in Boulogne (5min walk from Paris. France)
    It is small: 80square meter. 3 bedrooms 1 bathroom, 1 Shower-room, 2 toilets (1 in the bathroom, 1 separated) 1 living room.
    Typically un new parisian apartement, one bedroom is bigger (ours is 12 squaremeter) and connects to the shower-room it’s called the “masterbedroom”, it is for the parents. The 2 other small bedrooms are for 2 kids (typical parisian family is 2 kids ). Since we have 3 kids we decided to have the opening of the shower-room in the hallway to give the “masterbedroom” to the Real masters aka the kids 😉
    The 3 wanted to keep sharing a room so we have their bedroom, a playroom and the parents room. If it’s usual for 2 kids to share à room in Paris it is very unsual for 3 kids to share (a playroom is even more unusual in Paris but our kids like it better this way they Can have all the toys in the same room).
    The living room is small and has an open kitchen. Many French people do not like that because of the smells and the fact that they like a kind of privacy when they’re cooking but it is changing probably because Space is scare on Paris and we may not cook as much as our parents 😉
    What is rather rare and made us bought this place is ….the garden : we are the only apartement in our neighborhood with a trampoline, a compost bin and strawberries 🙂
    As for the Price… Way tooooo much new apartements tend to be overpriced in Paris as many things here 😉
    PS it seems to have a lot less technologies than un japan.
    But I forgot to tell you the building is eco friendly materials used reduce the loss if energy, it is partly powered by Solar panels etc…Why? Because builders ans owners get taxe benefits from the state so most new buildings in Paris are now eco friendly !

  • Laure

    Sorry i posted it under wrong video + typos due to French spell check of my phone 😫

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