LWIF EP57: Making a Bento Picnic Lunch in Japan

In this episode, Aiko, Shin, and their cousin Shoko make bento boxes for a picnic lunch. Since it was a bit cold outside, they held the picnic inside our home.

What’s a picnic lunch like where you’re from?

7 comments on LWIF EP57: Making a Bento Picnic Lunch in Japan

  • Carol from Philadelphia

    I love your videos. I have a question that I’m sure you can answer. I’m confused about the wide celebration of Christmas in Japan as it is not a Christian country. I was surprised to see on an NHK World show, and then later on your channel, that the holiday is celebrated at all. Is Christmas considered a secular holiday in Japan, more for celebration than religion? And if Christmas is celebrated, is Hanukkah also celebrated? Thanks in advance and have a great holiday season.

    • lifewhereimfrom (author)

      Hi Carol,

      Thanks for the comment. Christmas is largely a secular holiday (except for the small amount of Christians). The celebration is more about the commercial aspect of it, kind of like Valentine’s day. Actually, Christmas is more quite like what Valentine’s day in the West is, where couples would go out on dates. I’ve never seen any Hanukkah related celebrations, but that’s not to say there aren’t some Jewish living in Japan that do celebrate it. Christmas is not a government holiday, so people would go to work as normal, as well ask kids go to school as per usual.

  • Vallery Sarah

    Hello japan ! I’m Sarah from France. Really love bento lunches, because they are decorated and Need to look for colors. In France, WE use à lot bread ( baguettes), ham ans cheese. I’ll try to do a Little video. See you soon !

  • Steve

    It will be great to see you folks on NHK World TV’s Cool Japan! Will it be shown in Japan? Not wanting to make any more work for you, but I wonder if they would want to see Japanese captions and learn some English the way I try to learn some Japanese from your videos?

    • lifewhereimfrom (author)

      It’ll be broadcast in Japan on New Year’s. I originally thought it’d be on NHK World on the same day, but it may be delayed to a future date as I don’t see it on their January 1st schedule.

  • Emmie McElrath

    I love your video and I just wanted to see if aiko and i could be pen pals because I think we are the same age or just a year apart.

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