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Fashion “Rules” for Japanese Women

Fashion Rules for Japanese Women. What clothes to wear? You need special clothes for school, work, graduation, job hunting (recruit suits), and all sorts of everyday and special occasions in Japan. I interview four ladies who are recent university graduates to talk about the “rules” for keeping up appearances.

LWIF EP155: Tokyo by Boat

As is tradition, I traveled through Tokyo, this time by boat. Because my Tokyo by Train and Tokyo by Bike videos were all day affairs, I wanted to have a longer trip for this video. But as I was working on my it’s-coming-soon-I-promise documentary “Being Japanese”, I didn’t have time to do a bigger trip before winter rolled around. So while this isn’t an epic all day affair, I hope you can still enjoy the ride nonetheless.

LWIF EP151: My Obsession with Japanese thermoses

For a long time I’ve been living under the assumption that Japanese thermoses (tumblers, travel mugs, insulated drink bottles, vacuum flasks… whatever you call them) are the best. To test out my convictions, I added to my already large collection of thermoses to test out a whole bunch of them.

LWIF EP148: Tokyo by Bike

How about a bike around Tokyo… all of it. I go on a 120km trip from the Eastern banks of the Edogawa river to the Western banks of the Tamagawa river. I did a similar journey by train four years ago.