LWIF EP87: Elementary School Rules in Japan

These are what the rules are like in Aiko and Shin’s elementary school in Japan. There are some rules the kids forgot to talk about, like no wearing outdoor shoes in school or everyone has to eat the same lunch (which is made fresh everyday at school). What are school rules like where you’re from?

By the way, this was filmed at the Tokyo YouTube Space Studios, not a real school. But the set looks pretty real, doesn’t it!


  1. In the morning, you need to bow and greet the teacher.
  2. You can’t bring games to school.
  3. You can’t eat snacks in school (all food is provided by the school).
  4. You can’t sleep during class.
  5. You can’t fool around in class.
  6. You can’t use mechanical pencils or pens.
  7. You can’t wear accessories in school.
  8. You can’t dye your hair.
  9. You can’t bring phones to school.
  10. You can’t scribble on the blackboard.
  11. In Japanese schools there are no janitors, so the students have to clean the classroom.